Julian Henkin is Golden Gate’s founder and principal consultant. Over a multi-decade career, Julian has assisted businesses in improving product reception and uptake as well as customer success. Prior to the Golden Gate consultancy, he led product management, marketing and services for multiple organizations. All this experience initiated with high tech sales and sales engineer roles.  As such, he’s the ideal resource to help support a sales department achieve its stretch goals. Julian Henkin holds certification found in the Product Management discipline as awarded by Pragmatic Institute (PMC-VI).

Julian’s passion lies in improving retention, loyalty and advocacy, often collectively referred to as Customer Success.  Customer Success is an organizational imperative that necessitates a more holistic, cross-functional approach for which he is an ideal resource.

Julian’s expertise is helping businesses accelerate growth by successfully bringing rigorously market-driven products to their carefully targeted markets.  He has been involved with multiple Initial Public Offerings as well as other liquidity events. Henkin received his degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

“Let me and Golden Gate’s other resources help mentor your business to bring the best products to market and pursue healthy (pervasive, urgent with willingness to pay) markets as opposed to chasing the latest singular customer opportunity. Ultimately, your business needs to maximize profitable customers. Let me help you define what that looks like for your business and how to attract and land those customers. Those are the customers that will be the easiest to retain and ultimately create the most profitable business.”