“I have had occasion to work with Julian off and on over the past 25 years, since his days running marketing and operations at Xerox. Julian is a customer experience strategic thinker and problem solver – since before it was vogue. I recently (2019) found myself quoting from one of his memorable presentations of 20+ years ago! That’s the kind of insight, impact and impression that he can create.”

Frank Casale

Chairman and Founder, Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI

“We have become a more market-connected company with Golden Gate Consulting’s support. The methodology, language and framework have created a common platform across the key departments that influence product success.”

Kevin Culliton

V.P. Product Management, OpenConnect Inc.

“Our investment portfolio performance has benefitted from the introduction of Touchpoint Management methodology…bringing actionable insights to every marketplace touchpoint. It made so much sense when presented – and even more once implemented”

David Dunlap

Founder, Managing Partner, R5 Limited, R5 Limited

“Julian is a consultant’s consultant. He’s smart, insightful, asks great questions, and is a great presenter. He gently coaxes executives into more profitable ways of thinking. He helped our clients completely shift their perspective, moving them painlessly from explaining why they couldn’t do what their customers need to getting excited about new ways to provide better service.”

Thomas Siegman

EVP Strategy, Innovation & Client Relations

“Julian Henkin impacted our multi-state North-East region growth and P&L as he moved us up-market in terms of the complexity and scope of services. He has a collaborative approach that is ideal both internally and with clients.”

Kathleen Sheahan

Vice President, Region GM, Tri-state, Xerox Corporation