Your marketing's role is to deliver a new caliber of customer journey and overall experience.

Golden Gate Consulting can advise you on how to ATTRACT and RETAIN the most profitable customers by managing their experience.
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Welcome to Golden Gate Consulting

What we do…

We boost the health of your business by attracting and retaining more profitable (greater lifetime value) customers. We accomplish this with focus on your business’ lifeblood: your service or product(s). It is what you monetize in order to sustain and grow. Our approach is different: we look at the bigger business challenges as being cross-departmental – requiring more holistic solutions. Metrics like profit, and also customer satisfaction – or net promoter score – are influenced all across a company. So, effective solutions require a broader inter-departmental view and solution.

Our philosophy

In 1994, the term Customer Experience (CX) was coined. We find this better-understood concept to be close to what we focus on. But, due to our product management DNA, we know that you always need to pursue markets, not chase individual customers. Furthermore, we refer to people categories within a market, such as potentials and evaluators prior to them becoming customers. With the universal need to strive for a better CX, Golden Gate is an optimal choice to bring you the expertise to accomplish that.


What to expect…

Ultimately, what you receive are multiple prescriptions (playbooks) that will be implemented by your departments at key touchpoints (CX influencers) with your market (evaluators and customers). These playbooks distill the aligned strategy into actions executed by your departmental teams.


How it is done…

Our key levers are sales/channel, marketing, customer success/delivery and product management – which together generate the points of contact with your market.

Fortunately, product management is already often managed as a more holistic or matrixed role in organizations. This quality correctly responds to the need to impact all departments that influence the success of marketplace participants and subsequently your product. But, more so today, marketing and customer service also need to become similarly matrixed in order to influence the evaluator-to-customer journey as a more integrated, aligned and impacted experience.



Customer Experience Mgmt

CXM is one of the most effective and necessary methods to influence profitability.  Golden Gate will assist you to understand current state and how to move to a more active management of your customers’ experience.

Market Touchpoint Mgmt

Ultimately, if you want to impact the Customer Experience, it is necessary to know the points at which you touch The Market.  One must then seek to manage those touchpoints where customer perception is influenced.

Customer and Evaluator Journey Mapping

Your company’s brand is no longer considered to be the aggregate of static perceptions.  But rather, brands are built by knowing when, where and how to engage with an individual on their path of interaction with your business.  That path requires a full understanding in order to be well managed.

Marketplace segment assessment

Product and service success comes down to an understanding of The Market.  Failed attempts are costly.  The rigor of assessment is essential to success in a market.

Dep't cross-organization brand alignment

A common problem for a company striving to create a positive Customer Experience is that not all areas of the company have identified the same type and level of experience to deliver.  As a consequence the experience and ultimately the brand is eroded by a lack of alignment across an enterprise.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM is for the B2B arena and seeks to define key accounts as individual markets to cater to and align the necessary resources within your business.

Web presence assessment and vitalization

The web and generally the Internet and your customers’ engagement with you through social media and your web presence is now creating a significant proportion of the perceptions that define your brand.  If under-managed, your brand and business performance are also under-managed.

Placements (spend) assessment

Okay, so it’s decided to improve the perceptions currently being generated through business-as-usual.  Where are we spending today, and how do we prioritize our spending to maximize impact on Customer Experience?