Welcome To Golden Gate

We boost the health of your business with focus on its lifeblood: your service or product(s).  It is what you monetize in order to sustain and grow.  As such, small improvements can yield significant advantage – especially the ability to improve retention or command improved price.  Such improvements are the domain of product management.

Product management is often managed as a more holistic or matrixed role in organizations.  This correctly responds to the need to impact all departments that influence the success of a product/service.  But, more so today, marketing and customer service also need to become similarly matrixed in order to influence the buyer-to-customer process as a more integrated, more impacted experience.

We consult on how to do more holistic marketing.

More about us

Julian Henkin is Golden Gate’s founder and principal consultant. Over a 3-decade career, Julian has assisted businesses to accelerate growth and improve profitability. Prior to the Golden Gate consultancy, he led product management, marketing and services for multiple organizations. And, he started his career in sales. As such, he’s the ideal resource to help support a sales department achieve its goals. Julian Henkin holds the highest certification found in the Product Management discipline as awarded by Pragmatic Marketing: (PMC-VI)